3. Additional resources needed for profit creation

What are these additional resources? We shell discuss them in detail:

It is striking discovery, but in reality any profits in economy are achieved only through personal loans, consumption of savings, state transfers and consumption of profits in the form of personal profit spending or pensions.

Savings are from long point of view doubtful source of consumption. Firstly, their volume is finite, secondly the very fact that they exist means that in previous periods people did not realize all their wages into sales and therefore profit in the past was lower by exactly the amount of savings. However subjectively useful, savings are not sustainable source of economic growth, because their volume will eventually shrink to zero. If people would theoretically saved all what they earned in the form of wages and had no other income through loans or transfers, global profit in that year would be zero.

So we get to this:

All costs are in reality transformed wages and profits.

Profit, in order to be realized, needs apart from wages as primary distributed buying power additional sources to complement them to the level enabling it ´s creation. So profit in the long run and in global scale depends totally from volume of loans in the system, transfers and consumption of already created profit. Otherwise, there is no way to achieve it globally at all.

This is the core of the theory. Consequences are manifold.