17.5 Genocide of nations

If the society surrenders to pressure to constantly lower wages and replace domestic employees with import of foreigners as cheaper labor and this phenomenon is permanent after a time the whole structure of society is affected.

Domestic citizens due to lack of  economic support are being driven more and more to the edge, worker families are not able to have 2 and more kids and so their percentage on total population begins to shrink.

Only immigrants, used to substantially lower living standards have more kids and so they are slowly gaining majority.

Original inhabitants are falling to ever greater poverty, middle class is disappearing and society as a whole is degenerating to lower civilizational level. Only the higher classes of 10 – 20% of people are profiting. But their lives and lives of their children will too be negatively affected by changed demographic structure and from it stemming consequences:  higher crime levels, change of country standards, loss of culture and national togetherness.

This policy is in its substance a genocide of original inhabitants, crime of worst proportions exactly by the definition:.. genocide is committed by those, who put a group of people through actions of state apparatus to a situation when they are not able to multiply to a level so that their numbers would not be constantly diminishing.

So this policy is in reality a crime and should be publicly named and banished and its promoters put to a trial.


How can an economic model be successful if it needs for its functioning constant elimination of original inhabitants ?  Why we should admire it and follow it ?


Every society consists from various classes of people, which are carrying out different but equally needed works, essential to survival of society as a whole.  If from pride or some hatred towards the poor we forget that fact a we start to systematically liquidate lower classes of society by getting them into unsustainable economical situation, we are indeed committing the crime against humanity and the penalty for such actions will be the demise of whole such unjust and cruel society.